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Good news! 2 HEEE projects selected as Zhejiang Province in 2022 "Pioneer" and "Lead Goose" Project
Source:       Release Date:2021-11-25
      Recently, the 2022 Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology "Pioneer" and "Leading Goose" R&D project has been publicly completed. The "Development and Application of "Medium and High Temperature" Functional Bacteria in the Biomass Waste Anaerobic Biogas Production Industry" hosted by HEEE was selected as the "Pioneer" project. At the same time, Zhejiang University's "R&D and Demonstration Application of Key Technologies for Low-Carbon and High-Efficiency Three-Dimensional Ecological Farming of Pigs" participated by HEEE  was approved by the "Leading Goose" project.
      In the context of achieving the "dual carbon" goal, microbial anaerobic biogas production as a mainstream technology for pollution reduction and carbon reduction has attracted more and more attention from the scientific and technological community. At present, the contribution rate of methane to global greenhouse gases is 25%, second only to carbon dioxide. The amount of methane produced by urban and rural organic waste and wastewater accounted for 60% of the total amount of methane produced. Therefore, methane emission reduction based on anaerobic biogas production from organic waste will be the main battlefield for global greenhouse gas emission reduction, and the biogas industry will be the main force in China to achieve the "dual carbon" goal!

      The selected project "Development and Application of "Medium and High Temperature" Functional Bacteria in Biomass Waste Anaerobic Biogas Production Industry" by HEEE aims to address the current difficulties in cellulose degradation of biomass waste anaerobic biogas production faced by the entire industry. , Carry out scientific research and technical research on the "stuck neck" problems such as low volumetric gas production rate and poor stability of high-temperature anaerobic fermentation. Through mechanism breakthrough innovation, technological system innovation and equipment application innovation, the project fills the gaps in anaerobic biogas production microbial metabolism mechanism and technology research gaps in the medium-high temperature transition zone, and creates an innovative technology system for high-efficiency anaerobic biogas production in the medium-high temperature transition zone to promote production. The technological advancement of the anaerobic biogas production industry of material waste, the development of environmental microbiology disciplines, and carbon emission reduction provide important scientific and technological support.

      HEEE will rely on its own biogas provincial-level enterprise research institute, deepen industry-university-research cooperation with Zhejiang University, and with the support of the "Pioneer" and "Leading Goose" research and development plan, it will continue to improve its technological development capabilities with technological innovation as the main focus. Promote the transformation of high-quality results of production, education and research, and provide overall solutions for the resource treatment of organic waste in urban and rural areas. While realizing the high-quality development of the enterprise itself, it also contributes to the realization of the national "dual-carbon" strategic goal.
Background introduction:
       The "Leader" and "Leading Goose" research and development plan was established by the provincial financial funds of Zhejiang Province. It faces the frontiers of world science and technology, the main economic battlefield, the major needs of the country and Zhejiang, and the people's lives and health, and conducts research on frontier scientific issues in key technical fields. , Science and technology plans for major key core technology research activities, major social welfare research, major international scientific and technological cooperation and other research activities. In 2022, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology has established a total of 131 "Pioneer" plan projects and 190 "Leading Goose" projects.
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